Take a Break

My Organized Colorful Chaos

Whatever that means to you. Take a break. We ALL need it once in awhile. I’ve been taking a break from writing. I’ve been having personal issues and I haven’t had the mind set to write about school or coping because honestly, I was trying to figure it out myself. I’m still trying to figure it out and what I’m figuring out is I need to give myself a break. Dealing with personal issues on top of nursing school on top of a relationship and wedding planning. I could feel myself crumbling from beneath myself. If that makes any sense at all.

So, during my break I’ve been coping, studying, and building. And honestly, learning how to do all of those things along the way. My advice from what I’ve been learning is to give yourself a break. You’re not going to have it all figured out over night. It takes time. Give yourself that. In my case, my personal issues are going to take time, nursing school is going to take time, a relationship takes time. It ALL takes time and it’s about the journey and enjoying that time, not rushing it. Again, I’m still learning this, I believe this will be a life time practice. So, I’m finding ways to help.


Start Your Day Positively


Don’t Forget to Do the One thing that is so Simple and Free

Don’t Forget to Breathe


Take Care of Yourself and Others

Self Health

We all need a little reminder now and again to take care of ourselves. As someone who is going into the healthcare industry, I am very good at taking care of other people. However, I am not always the best at taking care of myself and in times like this where there is fear and anxiety going around with a virus we all need the reminder that we need to take care of ourselves so we CAN take care of there people.

This is a very different time in our lives, that may be the scariest part; yet, that’s life. Life is always going to be different, it is always going to change. We as human beings need to cope and grow from it. Something that I found very humbling, we are all in this together. Many people are scared, many people are confused, many just want answers. That’s also human, we like answers to questions. However, I’m not sure there is one right answer, there’s going to be many.

My Thoughts on COVID-19

Everyone stay safe. As I said above, many people are scared and the more panic that spreads the more people are going to get even more scared. Again, take care of yourself so you can take care of others. This is a time where we as humans can shine and take care of each other. If your neighbor needs toilet paper, toss them a roll. No one will make it through hard times alone. That’s why we need each other.

My school has switched everything to online and I think that is the most productive way to continue my education. I know that people my age (young, 20’s to 30’s) are the ones passing this virus around. I may feel fine and normal but I may be carrying the virus. So, I’m staying indoors, studying, drinking healthy smoothies, doing my yoga, breathing, and meditating to keep my mind and body has healthy as possible.

So, my advice to those that are scared. Breathe and take care of yourself even if you’re not having symptoms. To be honest, this is how we should take care of ourselves anyway. Most importantly remember, this virus will pass.


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