Understanding My Mental Health

Mental illnesses are a tough subject to discuss. Most people don’t acknowledge their own struggles. Mainly because we’re taught at a young age to hide our feelings, to not express too many emotions, to always be brave. But from my experience, that doesn’t always work. Yes, there are times that we need to be brave but not 100% of the time.

This beautiful author, Rupi Kaur expresses her feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences in their entirety. There have been countless times when I felt as though I had written those same words. Words that I couldn’t fully get out of my thoughts to put onto paper. She speaks words that help me to understand myself more than I had before I opened her books. This is a brief little explanation to how wonderful this woman is and how life saving a few words really can be.

Click Book to purchase!

Click Book to purchase!

Click Book to purchase!

These books have been absolutely amazing to read. Since I bought these books, there hasn’t been one day that has gone by when I haven’t been telling at least one person about them. So, that’s why this one is short and sweet so I can plant a seed for those that need it

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