Bullet Journaling – Making it Your Own


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I’ve realized I’m bad about keeping track of my habits. I do the habits (most of the habits) I want to do, but forget to mark it in my bullet journal. Then I give myself a hard time because I have feelings like

I spent all this time on this page to help me keep track of my habits and I don’t even remember to mark my habits and make myself feel guilty for it.

When really I need to change the layout to better fit me. I need to have a habit encouraging type of list. Things I may forget that I could/should do. Such as, deep cleaning the bedroom or window sills, or going to a library.

I could have another page with a list of things I like to do because there’s days when I feel down or in the dark and have a difficult time figuring out something for myself to do. Because I’ll be honest, the best thing for me to do in those situations is to occupy my mind in stead of letting it run down that dark rabbit hole 🐰.

Come get some journaling ideas and make them your own; then, please share them with me!

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