Raising Each Other Up & Planting seeds

There’s been so much that has happened over the past couple years. I could write so many posts about 2020-2022 and maybe I will at some point. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about raising other people up and planting seeds for people in the process.

Let’s take a breath together

I’ve included this meditation here because it’s one I continuously come back to. This meditation has been one of the most grounding and inspirational meditations I’ve found and I wanted to share it in case it helps anyone as much as it has helped me

Cultivating seeds Meditation

There are nurses you want to learn from and nurses you learn from them what not to do. There are nurses that are excited about precepting a student for the day and there are nurses that moan and groan when they’re asked to take a nursing student. I personally, experienced all of these nurses and I’ve learned something from every single one of them. Because of these experiences I’ve become very thankful for the encouraging nurses, the ones’s that were excited to show me things, the ones that “nerded out” when they were asked to take a student. I’ve had fellow nursing students ask me questions and the only reason I knew the answered were because of certain nurses that I’ve followed.

Let’s be honest, in general, people are on edge these days and the last thing we all need is to be more difficult on one another. Especially, on nurses right now. The mental health of nurses has been put on the back burner for too long and unfortunately (and thankfully) this pandemic has shined a light on it. We need to encourage and support one another especially during a time like we’re all experiencing now. I’ve been focusing on nursing cheat sheets, report sheets, study guides, organization sheets, templates and more to help support nurses and nursing students how and wherever I can. Please check out the link below to get yours!

Working on cheat sheets and study guides as promised

This is me planting my seeds

GLP – MedSurg 2 Exam Study Guides BUNDLE
GLP – Nursing Report Sheet
GLP – Daily Planner Organization Sheet
GLP – Downloadables on Etsy
MedSurg Cheat Sheet

I’ve promised nursing cheat sheets and nurse brain sheets so I’ve attached them here! Please comment below with any cheat sheets needed to help you excel as a nursing student, as a new grad, or as a nurse.

Let’s lift each other help and help one another.


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