Pediatrics Cheat Sheet/Study Aid & MORE

Nursing Cheat Sheets/Nursing Notes

FINALLY, IT’S HERE! I am excited to post the Pediatric Cheat Sheet I’ve been working on. I’ve even put together a bundle for the cheat sheets I’ve completed so far.

Cheat Sheet Bundle

I wish I had these cheat sheets when I was going through clinical during nursing school. There were too many times when I would be asked a question and felt like I didn’t have the answer at my finger tips. That’s why I’ve started to create these cheat sheets, study guides, organization sheets & templates to help others where I wish I had help.

Nursing School Study Guides

The study guides I’ve created are the same ones I used when taking my exams. Specifically, during both Medical Surgical (Management of the Older Adult) one and two courses.


If you have a certain course you’re struggling with in nursing school and would like a study guide or cheat sheet that I used to help me get through nursing school (maybe not with my typical 4.0 but I’ll take a 3.5 with the adjusted grading scale).

Also to come…

  • Fetal monitoring cheat sheet
  • Pathophysiology study aids
  • Organization sheets
  • Daily planner sheets
  • Monthly planner sheets
  • Yearly planner sheets
  • Note taking templates
  • Nursing Job Ideas

Don’t Forget…

  • Books that have helped with my mental health
  • Bullet Journaling Ideas
  • Journey ideas

Planning for 2023

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