Stay Organized

Nursing school is a lot, help yourself out by staying organized. I stayed organized by color coding EVERYTHING and I mean everything. My planner, my notes, my books, everything to help keep my mind just a little more sane while losing it in nursing school. So, I’ve created a digital planner that just by looking at it seems to help me feel a little more calm about what I need to get done, places for extra notes, clickable tabs on the month pages, a section just for my to do list.

Color code your planner

When I was in nursing school I would color code my planner by courses and then kept red available for exams.

I was always worried I’d forget about an exam. Let’s be honest, I never could but it was a huge fear!

So, I would make sure they were in red for every course but I would write something like:


Med/Surg: Exam 1: Cardio, Respiratory, Neuro

Or…. as pictured as below:

Month page of the Planner (clickable tabs pictured)

While available, please get your FREE!!

Downloadable 2023 Planner

This is my first digital planner created (as mentioned above, I created this similar to what I wish I had). So, please try it out! Use it on preview in iPad, GoodNotes, & Notability. Edit it, comment on it, let it help you!

Let me help you plan and organize

Keep an eye out for more planners, cheat sheets, templates, and study guides to come at my shop below!

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