Another Reminder to Take Care of Yourself

I’m writing about another reminder to take care of yourself because I just had to have the conversation with myself to get my shit in check. I’m a new grad nurse and a bartender, I woke up the other day feeling pain in my lower back. Now, this is not the first time I’ve felt pain in my lower back, this is an older injury from stacking kegs while bartending. I know I know, my weight is just a bit more than a full keg, I had no business lifting them. I was stubborn and wanted to get the job done efficiently, what can I say? I unfortunately had to pay the price of my back.

So, at the age of 31 almost 32 I have to take into account that my back is not 100%. I have to care for it. I have to stretch, heat, ice, soothe, and strengthen my back and my core. I want to be able to be a physically move my back for many years to come and to do that I will have to lift heavy items, such as people. As a bedside nurse, you bend over the bed to scan their wrist band, you bend over to pick up all the saline caps you’ve dropped on the floor (hopefully); let’s just say, you bend over more than you think.

Alright I’ll go on a slight side track for a moment. And I’m writing this as a reminder for myself as well:

  • Raise the bed up when needed (don’t forget to put it back all the way down before you leave)
  • When scanning that wrist band on the other side of the bed (because this somehow happens more often than I thought) engaged your core so it’s not just your lower back pulling you back upright
  • When you drop all those darn things on the floor (because I’ve noticed no one likes taking two trips, guilty) grab some gloves, squat down instead of just bending at your hips and engage your core when standing up.
  • If you’re picking anything up off the ground make it a squat, bend at the knees, engage your core and use those leg muscles to support those knees.


Done! I know these are just “things that people say” but they say them for a reason. I have been working on strength in my core so my abs have my back’s back. While working on strengthening, I also work on stretching my back. This yoga video focuses on the spine and I always feel stronger and less tense after it. That’s why I wanted to write this post in the first place. So, here you go. Please enjoy.

Support yourself by strengthening your spine!


I’ve recommended this meditation before but I have to recommend it again. It is by far my favorite guided meditation video. 99% of the time I feel outstanding after I complete this meditation. I’ll be honest, there was 1% that I felt like I couldn’t meditate. I had to work in a bit, I was worried about the things I needed to get done and I’m not going to lie, I know this is when I should focus on meditating more. BUT! I also realized, it’s ok to have an off day. I tried focusing on my meditating for about 15 minutes before I let myself get up and work on the things I felt like I couldn’t get off my mind.

The next day, I meditated. Give yourself some grace. You got this

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