Continue Working and Trying

Before this blog, I had not been one to write and post about it. I’ll be honest, I need and am working to be better about posting to my social account so I can get more information out there to those that are needing and looking for it.

So, that being said there’s been some updates!

You are now reading the blog of…

Making My Nursing Life

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Cheat Sheets/Study Guides/Report Sheets

Where you can find advice, education, downloadable (FREE and purchasable) nursing sheets to make your life easier. I’ve created cheat sheets, study guides, FREE report sheets/nurse brains, planner templates, note taking templates and more.

Motivation & Inspiration

Lighting a candle has been giving me that little push of motivation

What you’ll also find here is motivation and inspiration. I share yoga videos that I have personally tried and love and honestly, go back to all the time. I also include meditations that I too have personally tried and have made a change in my life.

I’ll be honest, I do not do these things every day but you know what? Every day I am getting better about doing things for myself and that’s all that matters.

FREE Mandala coloring pages to come!

Taking Care of Yourself

For instance, this morning I woke up and felt, off. My husband and I have been fighting a cold the last couple days and have both been feeling gunky, achy, tired and mostly again, just feeling off.

The snuggle/cuddle mindset

I had planned on doing a yoga video and a meditation this morning before my double but after evaluating how I was feeling; I decided to snuggle with my puppy and stretch in bed.

I put on one of my favorite shows, grabbed my cup of coffee, posted my 1 post that I’ve made my goal for the next 60 days and I sat there, stretching and snuggling my pup. I knew if I tried to focus on a meditation or a yoga video I would get frustrated and it would have had the opposite effect of calming me.

So, I gave myself a break today. I knew going in I had a longer day than normal ahead of me. I work at both restaurants today and will be gone from home for roughly 10 hours . Now, I know this is not an extremely long amount of time; however, when you’re a home body or introvert like me, it takes a little bit more inspiration and motivation to get where I need to be on these days. So, that’s how I acknowledge and work with these feelings. I do what I need to do to get me through my day.

  • I stretch in bed if getting out of bed and doing a yoga video feels like too much
  • I snuggle my pup because he always knows when there’s something off with me, even if we can’t figure out quite what it is
  • I get a drink that makes me feel cozy. For me, that’s a cup of coffee; sometimes it’s tea and when I’m a little more prepared, it’s my warm water, ginger, lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar drink.
  • If it’s not too cold out, I’ll go into our backyard with the pup to get some vitamin D into my eyeballs. The sun also helps me to feel a little more motivated

My point is, it’s ok to have off days, it’s ok to have a few off days. And it’s 100% ok to stop, listen and take care of your body as you need. My goal tomorrow is to do a yoga video before going to work. I’m going to evaluated how my mind and body are feeling in the morning and go from there.

I encourage myself and you to do these things to help our mind and body but at the same time, if your mind and body are screaming no, that’s ok to skip it for the day. Not forever. Just enough to give yourself a little break from “having to do all the things.”

It’s ok to take a break to take a breath ❤

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