“Where are you a Nurse?”

I haven’t quite yet figured out how to respond to this question I get asked about 3 times a week. How do I say, “I’m a nurse that’s not at the bedside or in a clinic setting? I’ve started my own brand and business in hopes to help inspire, encourage & motivate anyone, especially nursing students.”

When I start to explain to people what I’m doing (which let’s be honest, we shouldn’t have to explain our decisions but here we are). People are curious creatures and I too am guilty of this. Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

When I explain, I’m using my nursing degree to help others in a different way than someone who is sick or injured in a hospital or clinic setting. I’m using what I learned in nursing school, which in short is, society’s mental health is struggling, we are not taught how to communicate effectively and we think there has to be a right and wrong answer to everything.

I’ve created cheat sheets and study guides for nursing students to help inspire and encourage them.

Nursing Cheat Sheets
Study Guides

I’ve created note taking templates and planners to help all students keep organized and motivated.

Nurse Brains and Note Taking Templates
Daily Planner

Lastly, I’ve created apparel, accessories, and home goods that I hope will give anyone that little motivation or inspiration they may need. Whether that’s a hoodie to put on to help them get out of bed so they have the energy & motivation to get started on their day….

Cozy In Need of Nature Hoodie

Or a water bottle they can take with them throughout their day to help with any inspiration or encouragement they may need to keep working through their day.

Bee Present Water Bottle

“Why did you become a Nurse?”

I became a nurse because I want to help people. I want to help people feel good not just with their physical health but also their mental health. Since the pandemic, (which I went to nursing school through) there has been a light shined upon mental health more than there use to. But I feel like we’re just getting started.

There are times that my mind is telling me, “I can’t get out of bed,” that “it’s too hard,” “the world is too awful,” “there’s no point.” But the point is I’m still here and I’m still fighting. I’m here to help anyone especially on those days and remind you, you’re still here, you’re still fighting, and something that has always helped me to give me a little push is knowing my story can help others that are not holding on as well as I may be. I’m here to listen, to make sure you feel heard and to provide you with that item or hoodie you can put on in the morning and for it to feel like a warm hug that you may need. That is what I truly hope from my brand and my shop for anyone struggling.

I hope you feel Encouraged, Inspired and Motivated!

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