Mental Health

A lot of my posts lately (the ones that I make myself make time for) are about mental health and how important it is. I write this as I continuously say it to myself in my head, over and over.

“Faux Pas“

It’s interesting to me how much of a “faux pas” the world has put on when talking about mental health. I know I’ve written this in a prior post but it needs to be mentioned again. Society tells us to not express our feelings, to not feel our feelings! We’re supposed to be happy all the time and nothing is ever supposed to bother us. Well, that’s just bull crap if you ask me. I HAVE A TON OF FEELINGS ALL DAY EVERY DAY! As I’m sure most people do.

Work on processing

But it’s the part about processing those feelings that I know I need to work on and I’m sure many other people do too. Like many, I wasn’t taught how to work through my feelings. And like most, I was taught to push it under the rug to not deal with it until I fell flat on my face tripping over all the crap I shoved under that rug and it turns into an explosion. And by the time of the explosion, I’ve put so much crap under the rug that I don’t know or understand which feelings go with which circumstance so all those feelings get smashed into one giant feeling of confusion.

This doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help me figure out how I feel about things, it doesn’t help the situation, especially the situation where I trip over the rug with all the crap under it and it detonates. That circumstance turns into a much larger situation.

Now, that I’ve finished my rant about shoveling crap under a rug. I would like to share the things that have aided me in expressing, understanding, and working through my feelings and emotions. One book in particular for me that help my perspective start to switch was recommended to me by a fellow student nurse. Thank goodness for her.

Codependent No More

By: Melody Beattie

Home Body

By: Rupi Khar


By: Yung Pueblo

Each of these books have helped me in different ways. Either by helping me understand my feelings or helping my understand my feelings are valid and I’m aloud to feel them and it’s not all in my head for having these feelings.

When things feel off. I don’t feel, “right”. I need to stop, go somewhere quiet, read, meditate, and remember I am strong, I am compassionate, I am generous, I am loved, I am at peace.

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