Feeling Disconnected?

On a “perfect morning,” I wake up and make the bed, brush my teeth, make my morning tea, eat a healthy breakfast, do a yoga video, shower, meditate and journal/write. But I’m not going to lie, on most days, I’m proud of myself for making sure I drink my morning tea (subscribe below if you’d like to learn more about how I enjoy and make my morning tea), eat breakfast, shower, and do a yoga video OR meditate before going to work.

The below are a yoga video, a meditation, and a creative idea that have helped me

The video above is a quick inner balance video that I extremely enjoy.

Some times I feel as though I’m off balance or I feel like I’ve lost myself a little. It’s almost as though I’m standing over my own body because I feel so disconnected. This yoga video is quick reconnecter. A quick 12 minute video that truly helps you reconnect with yourself. Whether you’re feeling disconnected because of work, school, wedding planning or social life, just about anything; try this video to reconnect.

“You Are What You Seek” Meditation by Lou Redmond from InsightTimer


A quick, uplifting 26 minute meditation to fill up my cup

Whether you like bullet journaling, collaging, photography or any other way you’d like to explain my creativeness in the video to the left. Do what feeds your soul. It made me giddy like a little kid to look through and set out all of my papers, stickers, and post cards and find a way to put them together. The set I’m using in this video are so much fun. And such a good bang for your buck! There are so many ways to mix and match the stickers and postcards and background paper. Check them out and please note, the link below is an affiliate link and this does support my small business.


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